All Things ROOTS

Are all of your products 100% produced in Palestine?

Yes! ROOTS' mission is to bring all things Palestine internationally, and to support Palestinian women entrepreneurs, artisans, and farmers in showcasing their authentic premium products. We are doing all that we can to ensure that every detail involved in ROOTS is authentically and organically Palestinian.

We believe that working with integrity is key, and take great pride in our premium and authentic homemade/handmade 100% Palestinian products.

Are you Fair Trade certified?

We are not certified as of yet, but adhere fully to Fair Trade practices.

Do you offer Whole Sale pricing for bakeries, distributors, and stores?

Yes we definitely do! 
Please contact us for further details if you are interested!

What is your Shipping Policy?

We are shipping products straight from Palestine, packaged and ready for you, to ensure premium quality!

We are currently only shipping to the USA & Canada, but will be shipping worldwide soon.

Products that appear as "In Stock" on our page will reach you within 5-12 business days of your order.